Monday, 20 November 2017

The remarkable thing that is thinking

We need, urgently need, to be aware of the remarkable thing that we are doing when really thinking!

When thinking from our true-selves; we are knowing, participating and creating.

Only in thinking is freedom - Only in thinking is agency.

Consciousness severs us from the world - but thinking restores the world to us.

Thinking is the cure of alienation (properly understood, properly done) - It is in real thinking that we belong to the world, and the world to us; in thinking we know that the world is real and autonomous; and we know that we ourselves are co-creators of the world - which, until we thought it, was partial and incomplete.


Such are the joyous, inspiring and motivating insights which may be attained from reading, pondering and knowing Rudolf Steiner's early metaphysical/ epistemological works:

Philosophy of Freedom (aka. Philosophy of Spiritual Activity - of 1894)

and his Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe's World Conception (of 1886).

I have found a couple of essays by the highly-insightful (and highly-irritating!) maverick Anthroposophist Joel Wendt to be helpful and clarifying of what these books mean and how they should be understood: