Friday, 1 February 2019

Romantic Christianity to replace the sexual revolution

The sexual revolution currently does sterling work in maintaining the totalitarian bureaucracy; mainly as a fantasy, but also as an actuality (being bound up with travel and intoxication, the other great fantasy self-manipulations).

This is another reason why Romantic Christianity is what we need. If Christianity is bureaucratic, it is just like 'work' - which people hate, even as they clamour for ever more bureaucracy.

And Romantic Christianity is individual - each must 'do it' for himself; because no institution or group will be encourgeing him.

Indeed, whenever some modern group does appear to be encouraging this, it is invariably a fake or a deception - as with the 1960s counterculture embrace of William Blake. What was actually on offer Blake minus Christ, which made a decisive and deadly difference. Or sometimes there is Christianity without Romanticism - which entails a passive, externally-applied Romanticism.