Friday, 8 December 2017

Leftism is the major modern type of RUP

To be a political Leftist is almost ubiquitous in the modern West.

This is not a matter of mainstream political discourse, which sees Liberal/ Socialist/ Labour/ Democrat parties as Left Wing and Libertarian/ Conservative/ Republican/ Fascist parties as Right Wing - because all of these are Left Wing in the deep sense that all are essentially secular, this-worldly and utilitarian.

All mainstream modern Western politics regards the main business and justification of politics to be to make mortal life happier or less full of suffering for many or most people - or, at least, for a favoured sector of the population.

This contrasts with the politics of the traditional religious past (with some significant degree of Original Participation) and the aimed-politics of the future (Final Participation) which takes a perspective of life beyond our mortal life, and regards divine destiny as the ultimate standard for judgement.

Thus, all modern politics is both Leftist (not religious) and also Positivist (because implicitly denying the importance and/ or reality of non-perceptual/ spiritual reality.

In sum Leftism is built-upon Positivist assumptions; therefore to be a Leftist is to be Positivist; therefore to be Leftist is to be anti-religious - and therefore anti-Christian - in your basic assumptions concerning the very nature of reality.

This has created a difficult and deadly problem of what Barfield termed RUP, the residuum of Unresolved Positivism in people who believe they are primarily spiritual. Leftism just-is a residue of postivism.

This means that in practice it can be seen that even people who aspire to a primarily spiritual and/ or religious life-perceptive are actually functioning within a worldly and utilitarian set of basic priorities.

Even when Leftists sincerely try to be religious and spiritual - they fail over the Long run; because their metaphysical assumptions are continually and continuously undermining their religious and spiritual aspirations.  

In other words, spiritual and religious people are nearly-always in practice guilty of organising their beliefs and practices around socio-political priorities - which are of the mainstream type, hence Leftist.

And since Leftism is the water in which they swim, they are seldom even aware of the conflict within themselves - and respond by fitting everything-else around their unresolved, unacknowledged residual positivism...


  1. In a way, I commented about this on the recent post While the post itself was about the two metaphysical views of the origin of human spirits that are compatible with Christian scripture, there is a clear need to recognize and effectively repudiate the range of metaphysics concerning humanity that exist incompatible with Christianity.

    The assumption that the "spirit" is to some degree an emergent phenomenon of biological accident covers much of the positivist origins of cultural Marxism. It also explains why the value of human life can be so entirely circumstantial to Marxists, thus why they have such a tolerance and even propensity for mass murders on a scale that defies human comprehension.

  2. Sorry but I have only just found these comments - entirely my own fault!

  3. Leftism wants to impose from 'outside' what the individual should freely choose from within. It wants to create heaven on earth via external rules and structures. It overlooks the fact that, if heaven on earth could be brought about 'outwardly' then God would not have had to create the Human Being.

  4. @Brief - Yes, and in our current culture that 'from outside' is seen as a plus - because outside is what people regard as objective/ true whereas the chosen-inside is supposed to be merely subjective/ evanescent/ trivial.

  5. I am reminded of the philosophy of freedom - "the God that is revealed to thinking is not considered real, revelation must take an outward form, such as the burning bush, or changing of water into wine." In a similar way, to a person with RUP, the success of a spiritual path must have a physical result that can be outwardly measured to justify it. "meditate and do yoga - it will help your career" Ha! RUP! Anyway, this essay of yours really drove it home for me. Many thanks, Ama

  6. @Ama - I think it is important here not to be distracted by the supposed 'Right' parties in modern mainstream politics - since these are all Leftists: in some respects more that the explicitly Leftist parties. The entirely of politics is positivist from the bottom up.

    This is probably most clear in the linked bureaucracies that join up all large organisations to make one linked-mega-bureaucracy that employs the majority of working people. Bureaucracy is intrinsically positivist, indeed it has taken over from science (and taken over science) as the dominant force of aggressive positivism in the modern world.